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My Favourite Links


Korg X3 Related Web Site's
Links Icon Korg USA Online. The official Korg web site. Not terribly informative - but it is officially 'official'!
Links Icon Korg Zone. The Synth Zone Korg page. Contains many links.
Links Icon Synth Site. The Korg page contains many links and synthesizer reviews.
Links Icon Lord Jonin's Korg X3 Web Spot. One of the first web site's for the Korg X3.
Links Icon Gnomusy. Courtesy of David Caballero. A very approachable character who uses his Korg X3 for composing his own instrumentals. Several of his musical pieces are available for download on my 'Sequences' page.
Links Icon Xedit Home Page. The home page of... you guessed it - Xedit. A highly recommendable patch editor written by Joost Nieuwenhuijse. The latest version of Xedit may be downloaded from my 'Software' page.
Links Icon Marcus Borg's Korg X3 Web Page. A site in the UK.
Links Icon Techno's Synth Site. Courtesy of Andrew Dodman. A Korg X2 and Prophecy Site.
Links Icon Mark Reda's Korg Page.
Links Icon KORGnet. Worth visiting.
Links Icon Greytsounds. A third party producer of Korg X3 patches.

N364 & NS5R Related Web Site's
Links Icon The Unofficial Korg "N" Series Home Page. Courtesy of Jeffrey Tsai.
Links Icon Unofficial Korg NS5R Homepage.
Links Icon John Melas' Korg NS5R Page.
Links Icon The NS5R Bag Site. Courtesy of Pedro Echeverria.
Links Icon NS5R Users Organization. Courtesy of Tal Aviram.

A Classic - The Yamaha DX7
Photo Of Yamaha DX7


Thank you for visiting my 'Links' page. I am still in the process of sorting through the possible links to be made available on this page. If you are aware of any web sites which are in accord with my own, E-mail me with the URL address.

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